Beer Menu - 15 Taps

Sir Monty's has 15 taps in our taproom.  This includes a guest tap which change constantly to give us a great variety of beers to suit every palate. 
Flight Boards are available:

Currently on Tap: 

1. Blonde Ale 4.6% ABV  26 IBU

    Dry Hopped, Light And Refreshing

    Traditional Blonde 

2. Irish Red  6.0% ABV and Low IBU

    An original Sir Monty’s recipe, a

    traditional red, w/ a touch of natural


3. Kolsch 5% ABV 24 IBU

     Local Favourite Kolsch Style Ale

     **Sir Monty's Most Popular**

4. Jalapeño Blonde 4.2% ABU 21 IBU

    A staple beer by popular demand w/ just the

    right amount of Jalapeños!

5. Season IPA 4.3% ABV 32 IBU

    Dry Hopped—Light and Easy Drinking  

6. del "Monty" Fruit Cup" - 4.2% ABV

     Blend of Apple, Pear and Citrus, 

     Perfect for the summer 

7. Pick-Ale 4.2% ABU low IBU

    Light and easy drinking.  Made with Dill and

    Pickle Brine

8. HHH - Habanero Ale 4.2% ABU 21 IBU

    Our Small Batch Habanero Ale, with lots of heat! 

     Started as a limited edition, but became so

     popular that we keep it on tap now. 

9. Bellwoods “JellyKing”

    Boysenberry Sour 5.5%ABV

10. Oh My Gourd - Pumpkin Pie Pilsner 

      5.2% ABV 24 IBU - A light crisp refreshing fall

      beer with pumpkin and pumpkin spice

11. HDROC Live Free Lager 4.0% ABV  

      Light and refreshing lager

12. Guest Tap - "Pickle Rick" Gose from Focal

      5.1% ABV

13. American (West Coast) Style IPA 4.1% ABV

      51 IBU

      A West Coast style India Pale Ale. 

      Dry hopped with 3 distinct hop varieties

14. Monty's a Fungi!  - 4.2% ABV

      Yes, its a Mushroom Beer!!!!

15. Clouded Judgement IPA

      5.6% ABV 51 IBU

      New England Style Hazy IPA with a juicy,

      fruity aroma and taste


Not feeling like a beer today? 

Sir Monty's also has a fully stocked bar including white and red wines, mixed drinks/cocktails from our bar rail and of course, shooters!!!

Check out out beverages tab for all the options