Sir Monty's Food Menu


Chicken Wings (7pc)      $9.99

                Flavours: Plain, Honey Glazed, Spicy Honey Glazed 

                (more coming soon)


 Chicken Biryani             $11.99 (Reg Size)           $13.99 (Large Size)

                Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, served with white rice.

                STB House specialty


 Butter Chicken Bowl   $9.99 (Reg Size)              $11.99 (Large Size)

                Served over white rice.


 STB Mixed Bowl              $9.99 (Reg Size)           $11.99 (Large Size)

                Mixture of chicken and vegetables served over white rice. (Spicy!)


Chicken Broast (2pc) w/ Fries                                 $9.99

                Method of cooking where the chicken is pressure deep fried,

                covered with various regional spices. (allow 30 min cook time)


Fries                                                                              $4.99

                w/ Desi Seasoning                                     $4.99

                w/ Cheese                                                    $5.99


Butter Chicken Poutine:                                             $9.99


New Menu Items being added regularly!


Chocolate Bars (Various Kinds)


Spicy Pepperoni Stick N/A 
Cookies (4 Pack)  $2.00 
Peanuts Various Flavours (Foot Long Pack) $5.00 
Corn Nuts (Plain or Jalapeño)  $2.00 
Bag of Chips $2.50 
Pretzels (Various Flavours) $6.00
Popcorn (Cheese) $7.00 
Popcorn (Various Caramel Flavours) $9.00 
Beef Jerky $10.00/pkg