Beverages (Other Than Craft Beer)

Sir Monty's offers a full list of options for the non-craft beer drinkers:

Non-Alcoholic Beverages 

Pop (Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Ginger Ale, 7-up, Iced Tea $2.50ea (Free Refills)
Coffee/Tea  $1.50ea (Keurig)
Non Alcohol Beer $3.50ea
Juice     (Orange/Cranberry/Pineapple) $2.50ea
Shirley Temple $2.50ea



Classic Bar Rail Drinks - $6.00 1oz or $9.00 2oz

Vodka, Rye, Rum (White/Dark/Spiced/Coconut), Gin & Tequila


Premium Bar Rail Drinks 

Jameson Irish Whisky $8.00/1oz & $11.00/2oz
Jim Beam  $6.50/1oz & $9.50/2oz
Jack Daniels $6.50/1oz & $9.50/2oz
Skrewball – Peanut Butter Whisky $6.50/1oz & $9.50/2oz
Basil Hayden $8.00/1oz & $11.00/2oz
Specialty Tequila’s (Ask Server) $8.00 to $11.00
Grey Goose  $8.00/1oz & $11.00/2oz


Coolers & Cocktails

White Claws (Rasp, Black Cherry/Mango)  $7.00ea
Smirnoff Ice $6.00ea
Mike Hard Freeze (White/Blue/Red) $7.00ea
Somersby Apple Cider  $7.00ea
Craft Apple Cider $6.50ea
Caesar $6.00 1oz/$9.00 2oz
Whisky Sour $6.00 1oz/$9.00 2oz
Amaretto Sour $6.00 1oz/$9.00 2oz
Tequila Sunrise $6.00 1oz/$9.00 2oz
Sex On The Beach $6.00 1oz/$9.00 2oz
Shooters - $5.00
Peller Estates Wine - $6.00 5oz or $9.50 9oz
Pinot Grigio 
Sauvignon Blanc
Domestic Tall Cans/Bottles - $6.25ea
Budweiser/Bud Light, Coors Light, Canadian, Michelob Ultra
Import Tall Cans/Bottles - $7.00ea
Corona, Guinness